Letting go.

We walk side by side in silence, feet moving in unison; quietly processing the reality of the day ahead. "Mum, I'm nervous". "I know love". I squeeze her hand in a swift movement that would undoubtedly be felt by her but seen by nobody else.  Not that there are many people out this early, as we make our way … Continue reading Letting go.


Fishfingers, youtube and why trolls can jog on.

At the beginning of 2017 my daughter joined an established and very popular collab YouTube Channel.  She was ten years old.  A controversial parenting decision I know, and not one I made lightly or quickly.  I know many parents would disagree with it; raising their eyebrows at best, calling me a terribly irresponsible mother at … Continue reading Fishfingers, youtube and why trolls can jog on.