bed before nine.

For me, this is a perfect Monday evening.  I have had a bath and now I’m cozied up in bed way before 9pm, ignoring the fact that it’s snowing outside and stuffing my face with sweet and salty popcorn. It makes the long distance to Friday a little more bearable.  Though I shouldn’t really be stuffing my face with anything since a five year old little girl I work with prodded my tummy recently and asked if there was ‘a babba in my tummy’.  I gave her a chance to redeem herself by looking aghast and asking if she thought I had a big tummy.  She told me in no uncertain terms that yes, I did indeed have a big tummy.  Out of the mouths of babes.

For me, to my frustration, its all down the that old chestnut called exercise.  I could eat salads for breakfast lunch and dinner but if I don’t move I don’t shed any extra pounds.  In my defence we did go out for a post dinner walk yesterday evening, and although the wind was chilly, the sun was shining.  It actually turned out to be pretty enlightening as I had no idea how obedient my youngest little girl could be…

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It took a little while to convince her that pedestrians did not have to wait on a red light.  The girls were on extraordinarily good terms with each other.  As we walked, chatted and watched the lambs chase after each other in the fields, I captured a glimpse of sibling affection to remind myself that they just might like each other deep down..Deep deep down.

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