Me, my man and Pen Y Fan.

So only a month late on this post but better late than never right??

At the beginning of this month we decided it would be totally doable to take advantage of the bank holiday weekend and travel down to Mr C’s homeland of South Wales to celebrate his mum’s birthday.  In my head I envisaged a Lucazade-Sport and excitement/adrenaline fuelled drive down from Yorkshire on the Friday evening.  The reality was me feeling sleepy before I even left work.  And I forgot to get Lucazade.

To be fair to my two little bears, they were INCREDIBLE – listening to music, reading and being happy to chat.  We only made two urgent wee-wee stops by the side of the road and only one incident of a wet shoe.  Mr C never did the whole driving thing so I’m designated chauffer (and he is way way better at navigating than I am!).  There were no major dramas and because we took the A-roads we were only stuck in bank holiday traffic an extra 90 minutes.  But I can safely say I will never drive down to South Wales straight after work again.  It was a gruelling 9.5 hours (we probably could have done it quicker but the last couple of hours I was driving like a 95 year old that couldn’t quite see over the steering wheel) and I just sobbed through the last hour as we trudged along the M4.  But we all got there safe and sound and tumbled into our beds in the house that Mr C grew up in.

The next morning, to celebrate the original Mrs C’s birthday, plans had been made for us all to… Hike up a mountain.  Now, a year ago I would have been a little nervous but a lot more prepared for this.  I was going to the gym around 4 times a week and using weights.  I would say I was fit – then.  Not so much currently.  Mr C assured me that it was ‘really just a long walk with a bit of an incline’.  Turns out my husband is a fibber.

The weather was wet and misty as we drove to the Brecon ?????? but we were all in the right headspace to do it anyway.

The first 10 minutes were fine.

And then…Oh my goodness.  And here’s a tip for you experienced walkers/hikers – it doesn’t help to tell inexperienced walkers that they’re finding it easy.  Not even a little bit.  Mr C carried our littlest bear on his shoulders most of the way and I kept Chloe with me.


About half way up I pulled a muscle in my upper leg/groin and each time I lifted that leg the grating pain made me want to throw up.  But in good ol’ English stiff-upper-lip style I told no one but Mr C.  Mostly because I didn’t really want to be talking about my groin.  I wasn’t going to give up though and for once my stubbornness was a help rather than a hindrance.  And we did it! Well, most of us did – the weather was pretty hairy towards the top so Uncle N took my littlest bear back down as the rest of us hiked the last stretch to the summit.

I was so freaking proud of this one whose stubbornness, like her momma’s got her to the top too.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t find it really hard.  And I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed the whole hike.  There were moments that I considered paying someone to give me a piggy-back all the way back down Pen Y Fan to the carpark.

But I’m so so glad I did it and I’m glad my little bears got to experience it.


The harder option often turns out to be the better option.  You learn, you stretch, you grow.  Yes you ache but you also become stronger for it.  And you find out that you can do more and move far beyond were you think your limits lie.

I’ve been told that because visibility was pretty much non existent at the top that I need to do it again on a clearer day.  Oh boy.


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