This post will feed into one on our thoughts and experiences of our Family-moon, back in April this year.  That post will find it’s home in the Travel Section at the top of the blog home page where I write about places, hotels and trips we’ve made that we loved and would be back there in a flash if given the chance.GetAttachment (12)

But first – to family-moon or not to family-moon? Since they’re quite a controversial concept (reactions to hearing that we were doing it ranged from ‘oooh I couldn’t do that!’ and ‘are you mad?’ to ‘aaaaah that’s lovely!’) I thought I’d share how we came to the decision to take my two daughters with us on family-moon  rather than honeymoon alone.

If you’re familiar with this blog you’ll know that I have been married before, in which I had two little girls.  Getting remarried has always got to be done carefully when children are involved.  I was very fortunate that my girls already knew and felt comfortable around Mr C way before we were together.  In fact as a teeny-weeny one, my littlest little bear would tell everyone that she was going to marry him! Mr C came into our lives on a more meaningful level when both my girls and I were feeling pretty lonely and fragile and so they saw him as some knight is shining armour.  What’s even better is that he didn’t want to swoop in and act the hero – he just wanted to give me the confidence to be the hero.  Or heroine.untitled (12)As you can imagine, alone-time was rare and we built up our relationship alongside my two little bears.  In an ideal world a week away with just Mr C would a beautiful thing.  Sleeping in late and ….Well,  it would all be about the sleeping in late.  If you have kids you’ll know what I’m talking about!   But life is not ideal – it’s real.  And our reality was (and still is) that my girls struggle to be away from us for more than a couple of nights.  This had to be considered when working out whether to honeymoon or family-moon.  But the major deciding factor was our intention behind getting married in the first place.  When Mr C proposed he did so with the girls right next to him.


He didn’t just ask me to marry him  – he asked the three of us if we can do life together.  Our wedding day was not about seeing two people join their lives together but four people coming together to make a brand new family.  And so to us, from the very start it just made sense for the four of us, a newly formed unit, to go on a family-moon rather than a honeymoon.

Our choice to family-moon very much dictated how we wanted that week to look! After working full time, looking after the girls and planning a wedding (in the space of two months no less!) we were not up for a week of running around after the kids and exhausting ourselves before we even got back to our everyday lives! We needed to find somewhere that was perfect for all of us; relaxing for the adults and entertaining for our little bears, whilst getting lots of family time together.  Because I had no recommendations to start from, we spent hours and hours trawling the internet before we found exactly what we were looking for.

So THAT is the backstory to our stay at Maxx Royal Belek Golf and Spa in Antalya, Turkey!  Our family review and info all about this resort  will be up next so watch this space…

Mrs C x


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