my fool proof plan for packing up the house.

So our world is pretty much like this right now.

untitled (22)

And we’ve only just started.  The great thing about quick moves is that it has to be done.  Procrastination is not an option here people! We are on a tight schedule and that means pack pack pack.  But it is bloomin’ knackering.  And in the interest of our sanity survival I have come up with a double-edged sword of a plan.

Part 1 of said plan: Adopt child labour methods.

untitled (21)

At the risk of breaking out in song, we’re all in this together.  As a family we all benefit from moving, so as a family we all get ready for it and need to be helpful.  Now, us parents have to be wise here.  There is a difference between allocating necessary jobs to children and them actually being helpful.  If I had asked my littlest bear to help bring boxes down stairs, chaos would have followed.  One thing we love about her is that she thinks outside the box, a quality that most adults don’t possess.  But in this instance, thinking outside the box probably would have involved her sliding down the stairs on the boxes to be ‘more time efficient’.  Like I said – chaos.  So for us yesterday, what worked was giving her really simple (pretty unnecessary) tasks that made her think she was contributing but kinda kept her busy and, dare I say it, out of the way for a while.  Result; my six year old held some kind of responsibility and we were able to get on with packing without having to stop every two minutes to either re-do what she had done or explain instructions again.  After she had finished all of her ‘hard work’ (tidying the shampoo/conditioner/shower gel bottles on the shelf in the bathroom, picking up dirty laundry in her bedroom and getting dressed!) then she was rewarded with the official release of duty so she could play lego in her bedroom.  Smiles all round!

Part 2 of said plan: Find balance.

untitled (23)

All work and no play… Is not only really dull but it’s exhausting.  When life steps up a gear, we all need to balance that out with down time, whatever that looks like for you.

We could have continued into early evening, but as soon as my back started to ache more than it would typically, I stopped.  Not only did I stop but I declared I was going for a bath.  This is serious progress of me because I suffer, along with many many mummy’s out there with a debilitating disease called ‘Acute Mummy Guilt Syndrome’.  This syndrome has developed to epidemic proportions and awareness should be spread to avoid further spread of infection.


Overwhelming rushes of guilt.

A loss of any self entitlement.

Adopting a default position of ‘it’s ok I’ll go without’

The solution is all about spreading awareness.  And fast.  I may organise a celebrity charity single to be released.  If we can get a catchy tune and a footballer’s wife involved then we might just crack this.

But really.  Really.  Yes, I’ve been slow to catch on but it’s okay to give yourself some time.  It’s okay to look after yourself.  Man alive, with today’s crazy pace of life and the expectation to be so much to so many, it’s not okay it’s necessary.

Because we can only run on empty for so long.

So give yourself permission to have some time out.  And ENJOY it (it doesn’t count if you spend the whole time fretting that you’re letting people down!).

My aim is that we’ll have packed up this house in two weeks time and we all still like each other, we’re all retaining some level of energy and good-health and we are all still excited about the move.  If we can get this right, then I’ll be one happy momma.

What does downtime look like to you? Do you get enough of it??


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