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Urgh.  If I was honest with myself, I should have accepted that toothache generally just doesn’t go away.  When I woke up this morning at 6.30 it hurt to talk or open my mouth.  There wasn’t much of a decision to make as I let colleagues know that I needed to get an emergency appointment with the dentist.  Turns out I couldn’t be seen until this afternoon but all I’m good for is trying to keep my head still and wallow until then.  Pinterest is helping somewhat.

I’m so hungry I’ve resorted to putting quavers on my tongue and letting them melt.  Desperate times.

Sick days always seem great…Until you’re actually sick.  Instead of relishing that time to yourself that you long for in everyday life you feel like rubbish and fret about what problems your absence at work is creating.  Working in a tiny rural primary school, when someone’s unexpectedly not there it’s not easy.  There’s a unique commitment to the team because it really does matters.  I lay here and wonder if all the little things I take care of have been remembered.  Has Billy’s stamp card been put on his table to remind him to make those right choices? Will Emily get her intervention session done? Will someone have time to check the home-school books? I could go on but I may start to hyperventilate with the overthinking! In my head I know this is all irrational because I work with a brilliant teacher who will have it sorted, but the guilt remains simmering away.

Hopefully my next post will be bright and cheery and toothache free!

What are you hoping for in the days ahead?

Mrs C x

Please note that names in this post were changed to ensure confidentiality.


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