Maxx Royal Golf and Spa, Belek Turkey

You’ll find the backstory to how we ended up at the Maxx Royal Golf and Spa in Belek, Turkey here.

Disclaimer: Please please please don’t read this as me showing off in any way, it’s is simply an honest review of a hotel resort.  When I book holidays, I become a neurotic researcher and Trip Advisor stalker and I want to know what a place is really like.  That is the motivation behind the reviews on this blog – to help other people make amazing memories in amazing places. 

We were pretty excited as soon as we stumbled across Maxx Royal online and what all the reviews claimed.  And it was only marginally more expensive than what we would have paid for a pretty mediocre holiday in Tenerife.  In the weeks leading up to the wedding I continued to check Trip advisor, convinced that this all inclusive place seemed too good to be true, but all I could find were glowing reports.  We contacted the hotel direct to ask about the children’s club and to clarify that everything is actually ‘all inclusive’.  I mean, everything in the mini bar? Branded drinks and Haagen Dazs icecream? Even the chocolatier? Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been on an all inclusive holiday before, we grasped the concept, but previously it had been pretty basic tubs of ice cream and local drinks included.  This seemed ridiculously extravagant – would we end up with a huge bill at the end?! They got back to us really quickly and not only confirmed that everything was included, but that they were also trialling bringing the various a la carte restaurants into the all inclusive concept, as well as the huge all inclusive eateries.  Result!

As we approached the huge gated entrance we knew we were in for something special.  As we got out of the mini-van, one member of staff rushed to collect our cases and disappeared into the lobby as another warmly greeted us with champagne and chocolate strawberries.  We made our way to the reception desk and a lovely lady checked us in and took us up to our suite (every room is a suite) to show us around.

Mr C had been in touch with the hotel to make sure they knew we were celebrating our honeymoon/familymoon and they had pulled out all the stops.  We walked into the suite to rose petals and heart shaped balloons scattered on the floor, a bottle of champagne on ice and a chocolate cheesecake waiting for us.

It was getting quite late and we hadn’t eaten since lunchtime so we asked if it was at all possible to get something to eat, hoping for perhaps a small snack.  The lady showing us the room smiled knowingly and said we could go down to Bistro 21 and they’d look after us there.  At 10pm we were greeted by friendly waiters who showed us the menu to choose from while they brought us a bottle of Rose wine on ice.  The service was so impeccable we almost felt like any minute they’d say ‘gottcha! only kidding, you can’t have all this!’  We enjoyed a gorgeous meal, finished off by a cheeky shot of limoncello (only for the adults!) before we made our way back to our room and climbed into bed.

And waking up to this view!


The rest of the week pretty much followed suit.  Absolutely nothing was too much trouble for the staff.  If you sat by the pool from 10am you wouldn’t be there long before one of many polite and respectful waiters would ask if they could get you something.  Again this took a lot of getting used to and for the majority of the holiday we probably acted overly polite and would ask for ‘just water thanks’ as if we were putting them out.  Towards the end of the week we were getting into the swing of it and became more adventurous in what we asked for.


This genuinely is the perfect place for anyone.  Because the staff are so attentive and the rooms so spacious, it would be ideal for young families.  At the same time, because the grounds are so vast, there was always a peaceful feel that couples without children would enjoy.  As a family with mid-aged children (6 and 8) it was tremendous.  The exclusive-to-Maxx-Royal waterpark was a huge hit with all of us.  There was something for everyone and the lifeguards were excellent.

untitled (31) The children’s club and facilities were out of this world.  Available to dip in and out of between 9am and 10pm the children can spend as much time there as they (or their parents!) want.  They even have their own children’s restaurant at MaxxiLand so they can have their meals there.  We made the choice that we’d always eat together as a family, but the children loved going for crafts and games for a couple of hours in the morning and then a couple of hours in the evening.


untitled (32)

This gave Mr C and I some valuable grown up time to relax and enjoy a drink by the various pools.  Our favourite was the heated saltwater pool. A-mazing.



I love the idea about All Inclusive -paying for a package and then once you’re there not having to even think about taking cash around with you.  What I think deters many people, along with myself, is that the food often lets all-inclusive resorts down.  We went to a cheap and cheerful place in Mallorca last year and by the end of the week we were all fed up with the canteen style ‘samey’ food.  But the food at Maxx Royal – oh the food!

The main buffet-style restaurant is stunning in it’s décor and the choice of food not only changes each day but the amount of choice each day is overwhelming and displayed meticulously.

untitled (30)

untitled (34)

There is also Bistro 21, with waiter service available through the day and a pool side bar by the waterpark that served amazing meals.  Then you have the a la carte restaurants: A greek fish restaurant, a eastern restaurant, a steak house (best fillet steak I’ve EVER had, and yes – all included), a Mediterranean restaurant and a Turkish restaurant. Out. Of. This. World.

The steakhouse is situated in the club house of the world renown golf course, and although I’m no golf fan you couldn’t help but appreciate the magnificent views.


And then there were the chocolatier and the patisserie.  Word’s can’t do it justice.


untitled (28)

untitled (29)

Throughout the day you could just wander in and enjoy fresh cakes and pastries.  This is not simply a matter of novelty factor here – these were the best pastries and cakes we’ve tasted.


And of course, when coupled with cocktails, all the better!


For some crazy reason we don’t have pictures of the chocolatier but it was the highlight of my youngest little bear’s day to go in and order some chocolates for us all.  And that hot chocolate…!

untitled (33)

We stayed at Maxx Royal Belek at the very beginning of the summer season and they were still gearing it up for it, so I don’t think we experienced it in all it’s glory.  If we were fortunate enough to go again we’d perhaps go in May half term for that reason.

There is so much to this place that I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.  I’ve not even mentioned that it’s right on the beach with a private pier.  I’ve not written about the brilliant gym/sports scene  – simply because we were there to well and truly flop, post-wedding (If we went back though, we would without a doubt take our gym gear because the facilities and sessions looked awesome).  Trust me the facilities and ‘little extras’ to Maxx Royal are endless.

We could not recommend this resort enough, in fact I feel rather tearful just reminiscing about it.  It really was the best holiday any of us have ever had, an absolute dream familymoon.



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