a letter to mr C.

To my Mr C,

I bet a couple of years ago you did not anticipate spending today being celebrated by two little girls.  Because that is what will happen – they will love you and proudly hand over handmade cards and gifts (along with a couple of other goodies…!) and squish and hug you a little more than usual.  Today they thank you for being a daddy.

But for a moment, it’s me that wants to thank you.

Thankyou for understanding that sometimes a parent has to let children win.


Thankyou for teaching them stuff that I couldn’t have.  Thankyou for seeing their potential in things and pushing them to reach that potential.

IMG_8085Thankyou for being silly with our little bears.


Or being willing to look very silly for our little bears…


Thankyou for doing all those relentless tasks that parents have to do. Thankyou for getting the spiders. Thankyou for being the one to carry littlest bear to the toilet so many times once she’d fallen asleep.

IMG_7277But mostly, thankyou for accepting and loving my girls as if they were your own flesh and blood. Hand on heart I’m not sure I would have been able to do it as quickly and smoothly as you did.  You captured their hearts before you even captured mine.

IMG_7052 I’m sorry when I get it wrong.  I’m sorry when I’m not patient with you and forget that you’ve not being doing this for 9 years like I have.  I’m sorry when I don’t notice the little things.

We love you.  And we appreciate you.

Happy father’s day Mr C.

All my love,

Mrs C x


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