Half way.

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July 1st.

I’ve written this in advance because today is moving day! Lot’s of photos and excited gushing will no doubt follow soon when we are hooked up to broadband and we’re finally rid of the cardboard boxes.

As well as moving day, today is exactly half way through the year.  A good time to review and look ahead don’t you think?

50% of 2015 gone already. The first six months of 2015 for us has been an absolute whirlwind.  We’ve seen family heartbreak that only our nearest and dearest are aware of and family bereavement with the loss of my granddad.  We had our wedding only a couple of weeks after losing granddad which was a bitter sweet time for the whole family.  A beautiful day nonetheless. We’ve been down to South Wales and travelled a bit further afield for our dream familymoon.  Mr C changed jobs, and I began to feel at home in mine.  We have been on train rides and climbed a mountain.  See what I mean about a whirlwind?  And of course we have only gone and made the step to move our family a little further ‘downdale’ to embrace village life.

And there’s still another half to go! Another 6 months of 2015 to embrace and challenge yourself in.  I’m a list-lover.  They work for me.  So I love to ponder about life, making bucket lists and new years resolutions.  A few years ago when I was in the thick writing my old blog, I remember blogging on 1st July and not only mused over the beginning of that year but looked ahead to the remainder of it.  And so I’m going to do the same.  It’s a way to put right where you’ve maybe meandered off a path you chose at the beginning of the year, but it’s equally a chance to reflect on new year plans and decide to maybe move in a different direction in a specific area of life.  Either way it kinda get’s you back on track with intentional living.

So…My five goals for the second half of 2015 are:

1. To learn to slow down.  I’m a right one for flying around the place at 100mph and then wonder why I’m always knackered.  If I was completely honest, a lot of it is down to living with anxiety and if I’m doing something then it distracts me from that all too familiar knot in my stomach.  But I know that I have to learn to just be and enjoy. That will be a journey I take on this blog so watch this space.

2. To read at least one book a month. This will be part of my slowing down.  I have this romantic fantasy in my mind of sitting in our new country garden in the summer and reading with a cup of coffee next to me, as the little bears play peacefully with one another…Now I know I need to shake myself out of that one, but if I can be content to just put my feet up a little more and relax with a book then I’ll be on my way.  Having the school summer holidays at home is also a good chance for me to get some work-related reading done without the pressure of the endless work to-do list.

3. To lose half a stone. It’s not a lot but all those take outs and lack of gym has led to an expansion of the waistline that I don’t like I just don’t feel right. Now, this was a goal at the beginning of the year and it just hasn’t happened, so I need to get on track with eating healthy, exercising more and being disciplined with those calorific treats…Which is going to be really hard when all I’ll want to do in the new kitchen is bake!

4. To blog regularly. This blog is different to my old blog.  I used to share posts on facebook so friends could follow along and over time I built up a fair base of readers.  So when I wrote I was aware of lots of people reading what I posted.  With this blog though… I don’t know.  I’m not the person I was back then.  My life is messier and I’m good with that but it’s left me a lot more self conscious about what I write.  For that reason I’ve not told many friends and family about this space just yet.  Various readers have stumbled upon Learning to be Mrs C, presumably by chance and I truly hope you’re all enjoying what I write.  I’ve whispered to a trusted few that I’m writing again as well, and for now I’m happy with that.  This way I can…Just write.  And enjoy writing, with the added benefit of documenting our family life as our little bears grow up.  For this, I need to be disciplined and organised to just keep writing.

5. To get a few weekend getaways with Mr C.  We have next to no time alone without our little bears and although our familytime is pur utmost priority in everyday life, we both know we need to invest in this new marriage to make it as great as it can be.  I LOVE that Mr C doesn’t work weekends anymore and that makes weekend family time a regular thing and planning little romantic trips much more doable.  For the sake of creating measurable targets, lets say the goal is TWO weekend breaks for Mr and Mrs C between July-December.

What would you like to change/achieve/see happen in your life in the second half of 2015? Make it count!

Mrs C x


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