My month of radio silence….

It’a been  a MONTH. A month since we moved house and I’ve been able to blog.  Going cold turkey was tough going.

I was so organised.  I called BT a month before we moved.  I urged them to do all they could to make sure there were no problems with the line beforehand because the house is in such a rural area with very sketchy mobile signal.  I’m pretty sure I begged them on the phone.  It’ll be fine they said.  Don’t worry they said. Yeah right.

Flashback to July 1st – the hottest day of the year by far.  For various reasons including the clammy heat the day was pretty stressful and very knackering (moreso for Mr C who did more work than three removal men) but we made sure someone was in the new house all afternoon for Mr BT man to come and grant us broadband and telephone contact with the outside world.

They didn’t show.

So I braced myself in the tedious and frustrating task of trying to speak to someone in the call centre up at my parents house.  Apologies for not making the appointment…Apologies for not being set up with a landline and broadband….Apologies that there seems to be problems with the local cable… And finally (deep breaths), apologies that things will be delayed until 30th July.

30 DAYS! Now don’t get me wrong. If I were to be on some desert island with a cocktail in my hand, listening to the waves lapping onto white sand, I would not have minded so much.  But I wasn’t.  I was in the Yorkshire Dales.  And as thrilled as we were to finally be making Riverside Cottage our home, I really really needed the internet to sort out address changes, swapping over utility accounts and other laborious but essential housemove tasks.

Moan moan grumble moan.

So being without the internet made settling in a little more hassle than I would have liked.  But more than that I was so sad that I couldn’t document that exciting time of our family life.  Yes I could have written posts offline and posted them in hindsight but 1) I couldn’t find my laptop cable in the house move and 2) I would have written so many posts you’d still be reading about July in September and I’d forever be, weirdly, a month behind the rest of the world.

The main thing I’M BACK! I’m revelling in catching up on reading the blogs I follow, watching youtube and just knowing I can blog again.

And now to begin our life at Riverside Cottage.


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