Wooden floors, fringes and being ok with slow.

This week has been a very domestic week, trying to keep on top of the place while the little bears are in a holiday club.  I must confess that I can’t take credit for being a slave to the house though.  I could have done a lot more.  I’ve done it at my new slower-than-normal pace, stopping here and there to potter with less important distractions.  Mostly aided by the internet.  All whilst beeing donned in outfits like this.


No glamour here people.

We’ve gone from a fully carpeted place to a fully hard floored bigger place.  So more space to tidy and clean and I’m still getting to grips with cleaning these unfamiliar surfaces.  Which happen to be solid oak, and the pride and joy of our landlady.  No pressure then.  Gulp.  I could sweep and sweep all day long but there must be a better way! Am I missing the obvious? I’m way too scared to drag my old trusted vacuum cleaner over it for fear of scratching it.  What I need to do is invent a nice fluffy vacuum cleaner or has someone already done that? Come on Dyson, help me out here!

On another, even more trivial and superficial front, I went and done it.  The fringe is back.

Photo (9)

I spent way too long over analysing this decision. I blame the weather.  The weather makes all hair decisions complicated.  Especially in the North of England.  I tend to grow out a fringe in the warm weather because I can’t be doing with hair sticking to a clammy forehead.  That’s not a good look to try and rock.  But with our distinct lack of summer this year my brain is already shifting into Autumn mode.  I’m in mixed minds about this because we’ve totally been cheated out of a summer this year and I was excited about BBQs, picnics and endless balmy evenings in garden with a glass of Pinot Grigio.  We’ve had a couple of soggy BBQs that we laughed through and made the best of, but it’s not quite the same is it?

Having said that I love all the seasons and I’m particularly enamoured with Autumn.  I could drivel on about that now but I’ll save that to at least the end of the month!

Sunshine or no sunshine I’m determined to make the most of these summer holidays.  I knew I was ready to rest but I don’t think I understood how much until I stopped.  Nearly three weeks in I’m still pretty knackered.  When we moved over here last spring I was still reeling from the trauma of the divorce and all the financial and emotional crap that went with it.  Not long after that I jumped into a full time job, probably too soon.  What I needed was time to just be kind to myself and learn to breathe again.  Mr C made the observation recently that July was the first time we didn’t have something stressful hanging over our heads, be it an extra mortgage to find the money for, selling my old house, family bereavement, planning a wedding or moving house.  I know that’s life. We all deal with this stuff.   We’ve just happen to have had a lot of intense life in a pretty short space of time.

I wrote last month when I was looking to the second half of 2015, that I wanted to learn to slow down.  I find this so hard.  I feel I should be doing something all the time.  Accomplishing something.  Having something to show for your time.  Mr C and all my family tell me I need to stop racing around at 100mph.  I know that.  I’m just learning how to do that.  I’m never going to be one to literally sit and just be.  I can’t.  My mind would just fill with everything that needs to be done and I’d become restless.  My cunning plan is to find relaxing and slower ways to spend some time that is not directly house/work related.  This blog is one of those things.  I could easily be ironing or cleaning the bathrooms right now because those need to be done and soon.  But sitting down to write means for a little while I stop.  And that’s a good thing.  It clears my head, slows me down and in my own way I still feel like I’ve done something.  It takes self discipline not to allow my mind to wander and become overwhelmed with what needs to be done.  To not bow down to that anxiety. I’m slowly getting better at it.

Another way for me to slow down is to pick up this baby and head out of the house with my lovelies.

Photo (8)

We’ve started going out for walks in the evening come rain or shine when Mr C get’s back from work, taking my parents lab with us and it feels like life being breathed into dead bones.

This has been a rather fragmented post. Quite the regurgitation of random thoughts and happenings.  But hey, life is messy and not ordered perfectly.  And that’s ok.

How do you manage your downtime? Do you find it easy to just shut off from it all?
Mrs C x

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