August: It’s complicated.


If I had to define my relationship with August this year I would say it’s complicated.

I’m not happy that August will soon be over because…

#1 It means there is an inevitable school-shoe-shopping expedition looming.

What is it about shoe shopping with kids that can break even the calmest mother?  For the life of her, my ittlest bear, Boo, cannot stand still.  Ever.  In last year school nativity play she nearly fell off her little podium because she was dancing.  When there was no music.  But in a shoe shop she takes it to a whole other level.  I’m not saying she morphs into a monkey and starts climbing around, I just couldn’t be doing with that and would walk her straight out.  But when the fitter-people are trying to check her new shoes she’ll hop from foot to foot, will suddenly find something of life-altering importance at the other side of the store and guaranteed will promise they fit ‘fine’ even if they’re creating puddles of blood inside the shoe.  She’s a marketer’s dream and swoons over those silly shoes with miniature dolls in the soles.  You know, the ones that are 3 times the cost of all the others.  So I already know I get to play the mean mummy that day.  And what is it about shoe shops that inspires the sudden need to play tag with their siblings??  In the past I have heard this whispered suggestion slipping out of one of their mouths when I’ve been ladened with various pieces of black patent leather and an odd sock as I try find the right width fitting for the wannabe escapees. This year I will be pro-active and warn them against such an idea in the car on the way there.  And use as much bribery and corruption as I can muster.

#2 It means I will have to go to work.

I love my job.  Country kids crack me up – they’re like little granddads in tiny bodies – so I enjoying spending my day with them.  I enjoy watching them grow and learn.  But with the good comes the bad – the early starts, the making of the packed lunches, the daily drama of finding clean school uniform and the getting behind on housework because by the time you’re home and made sure your rabble are fed, reasonably dirt-free and into bed all you can do is collapse on the sofa with a glass of wine.  It will be goodbye to the slowing down I’m getting so good at.

However, I am happy that August will soon be over because…

#1: I’m so done with double guessing this summer’s weather.

I’ve wanted to yell at the sky ‘just tell me what to wear!!!’ I’ve tried the whole stubborn-Brit-in-summer mentality and worn shorts  as much as I could bear…But most of those days would end up with me in my fleecy pj bottoms by teatime, pleading with Mr C to put the log fire on.  I did go for the sensible-mum approach once on a day that the weather was overcast and we ventured to a civilised thing called  a town.  With shops and everything.  Not a sheep or tractor in sight.  I wanted to appear somewhat respectable so chose skinny jeans a nice three quarter length top and flats.  I left the house feeling, if truth be known, pretty darn elegant.  And then the sun came out.  That afternoon I learnt a lot about body parts that I had not previously known were capable of sweating.  It’s fair to say that by the time I got home I did not look even a little bit elegant.  At least you know where you’re at with September.  That chill in the air is much better at helping you decide on appropriate clothing.

#2: I won’t be living in the midst of a busy building site.

As much as I don’t want to wish away any of the summer holidays at home with my little bears, there’s major building work going on with the barn right next to our cottage.  This has meant lots of noise and clouds of smoke in our garden and I havn’t been able to hang out my washing during the week.  And well, it’s just meant a lot less privacy in our otherwise very peaceful corner of the world.  I get that it needs to be done and the builders are great guys, but I think I’ll be a bit relieved when I can’t be here when they’re going to town with their power tools.  When I am home they won’t be.  My home will become my refuge again.

#3: The change of season.

Cosy Jumpers.  Thick woolly socks.  Hot chocolate with melted marshmallows on rainy days.  Wellies.  Trees turning colour.  I’d say log fires but we’ve turned to those in the evenings already.  In a word…. Autumn.  I know that by the end of winter I have had it with short days and not a lot of sunlight, but the novelty of the nights drawing in make me feel all warm and cosy.

For now I’ll embrace the rest of August, making the most of it.  Time moves too fast not to.

How do you feel about this August?

Mrc C x


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