odd socks and lost onesies.

Despite having the summer holidays at home with the little bears I’m always ready for it to be the weekend so the four of us can be together.  We had a few last bits and pieces to sort before we could consider ourselves fully unpacked and at home at Riverside cottage.  So we ear-marked today to try and tackle as much as possible.

It helped that I pulled my finger out to make sure the laundry basket looked like this by Friday teatime:


I’m not going to get too cocky though.  The ironing pile reaches my shoulder…

It’s been a long day but we’ve got a lot done.  Under the stairs is actually starting to look like a little work-space with the desk there and minus the last of the cardboard boxes, and we finally have some of our own stuff on the walls.


I’d love to say the little bear’s pitched in and we worked together as a family.  But they played.  And because (on the most part) they played happily without huffing and puffing and falling out, we left them to get on with it.  Which left us to get on with what we needed to do.

Is it just me that feels bad because instead of encouraging the little bears to help out, I often just get on with it myself because it’s soooo much easier?  I know I should give more time to it.  I know I should be teaching them the value of responsibility and teamwork.  But when stuff needs doing and you don’t have long to get it done, it’s hard to just stand by while littlies spend 2 hours watching my little pony sorting through socks from the tumble dryer, knowing full well that every pair will end up being odd.  This afternoon I sent each child upstairs with a small pile of clean clothes to put away.  This evening we couldn’t find littlest bear’s favourite onesie that I knew had just been through the wash.  We found it, along with the rest of the clean clothes in her pile…Back in the dirty washing basket.  I rest my case.

I’m not averse to children having responsibility, don’t get me wrong.  And I’ve not given up – I have recently given the biggest little bear the regular job of emptying the cutlery basket after the washing up and putting it away.  This is a risky decision to give her this task because she’s absolutely the clumsiest child I’ve ever known.  No lost digits yet so all in all a successful stepping stone to household chores.

So for them the day looked more like this:


Sorry that this is a bit of a rubbishly nothing-y post.  I’m only awake out of sheer determination not to waste the Cava Mr C opened for me.  And the fact that the little bears are still wide awake.  And the fact it’s not even 8.30 on a Saturday night.  I read other people’s weekend blogs and it’s all excitement and sophistication; gallivants to a festivals or adventures by the sea.  And I’m all ooooh look I did all the washing! and check me out, we emptied more boxes today!  Maybe I’m silly for blogging the insignificant along with the big exciting stuff.  But for me this blog is about all of my world – if I just wrote about big exciting adventures 1) I wouldn’t write very often at all and 2) it wouldn’t be a very accurate picture of my life because, my friends, living the life of glamour I am not.  And I’m pretty ok with that.  I kind of love my simple life in the country.


How has your Saturday been?

Mrs C x



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