My take on how to de-scummy the mummy: The prelude.

I’m already cringing that I’m writing about this kind of thing.  Which is why I’m writing this post to prelude it.  To justify it to myself and give warning to what it will be and what it most certainly will not be.

The blogosphere and vlogosphere is absolutely saturated with beauty how-to’s.  5 Ways to become a flawless yummy mummyMy 20-step perfect skincare routine… Don’t get me wrong, I have big respect for the yummy mummies out there, making their way in the world with their beautiful tots effortlessly bouncing on their skinny-jean clad hips.  They’ve made the world take notice of motherhood in a new way.  The identity of a mother with young children is no longer restricted to procreation   You can indeed have your babies and still rock that lipgloss.

I cringe because It’s not really…Me.  There are a lot of words I’d use to describe myself – ‘yummy-mummy’ and glamourous don’t make the cut on that list.  That’s not to say I don’t like to feel and look nice, I just don’t know my stuff.  Reading some ‘beauty essentials’ blog posts can be a bit like reading a glossy magazine; a nice read, really inspiring but like considering the works of another world, its’ reality existing just a little out of your reach.  Until recently I’d read them in a really abstract way because so much of it was high-end, bought in places I feel like I should apologise to the staff for going in.  I couldn’t relate to them because I have never spent more than a tenner on a mascara or moved beyond picking up hair care products that were on offer at the supermarket.

If I’m honest, when I finally got the guts to write something connected with feeling and looking your best,  it was with the thought of bringing an alternative mummy essentials blog post – one that was sensible and frugal and would show those big spenders a thing or two…

But as I started to write, I started to think a different way.  I realised that this wasn’t all about budgeting.  Maybe it’s also to do with mums wrestling with that ol’ chestnut called mummy-guilt.  Mummy-guilt puts us at the bottom of the priority pile and we often don’t believe we can justify spending that more-than-absolutely-necessary amount on ourselves.

And this is such an awful myth that I’m only just beginning to get my head around after over 9 years of motherhood.

If everyone is fed, watered and looked after then it’s why not split the spending cash?  It’s okay to use what’s left after all the bills have gone out on nice things for your littlies, treats for your loved ones and some goodies for yourself.  Man alive, it’s not just okay, it’s a good thing.  They say when you don’t feel confident to try and act confidently and the rest will follow.  Well I say If you don’t think much of yourself, treat yourself like you do and similarly the rest might just follow too.


So in the next few day’s there will be a My take on how to de-scummy the mummy post.  Disclaimer: I’m absolutely no expert.  I’m not even at intermediate level.  But I am a mum and I have found some products that have made me feel a little bit more yummy mummy and less scummy mummy.  And pretty much everything either has dual purpose or skips a corner somewhere.  Anything to just buy you a few extra minutes in the day has to be a winner, right?    I almost always buy something new on recommendation.  Partly because I don’t want to waste my money on something that could be a complete flop but mostly because if someone else is raving about it (without being paid for said rave!) then it may well be bloomin’ marvellous.  And that’s the kick-up-the-bum behind the upcoming post; to just share what’s worked for me in case it works for you too.  Everything on this post will be from high street stores or supermarkets and you can pick up them for a couple of quid.  This year has been all about saving our money for the wedding and our familymoon back in March and moving house last month.  That’s a whole lot of money right there people.  But If I’m completely honest, I probably wouldn’t have really treated myself anyway.

Having done a bit of a U-turn,  my very waffly premise for the post coming up is this:

I think it’s great when women look after and care for themselves, in whatever way works for them.  Yes it’s great to be looked after and cared for by your nearest and dearest but there’s something special about giving yourself some TLC and permission to take centre stage of your attention every now and again. 

I havn’t been good at this at all – when I was a single mum I went a whole year without getting my haircut (but oh boy when I did it felt so good to have someone else wash my hair!).  It’s something I’m working on.  It’s something, as a mum of two little girls that I have a responsibility to work on.  I want them to grow up having that self worth that so many of us women can’t seem to grab a hold of.  I want them to invest in themselves and their time, sometimes, wait for it, even just for the fun of it.  And whether that’s spending their hard earned money on power tools or bronzer, then kudos to them.

For now, as we spend our money on curtains and rugs and I work on facing the mummy guilt head-on, it’s all about where I can can grab a good bargain that works for me.  If you’re looking for a glossy feature, this won’t be for you I’m afraid.  If you’d like to maybe add to your own mummy survival pack for a couple of quid, or if you’ve not got littlies but don’t have a lot of time to spend on yourself, then watch this space.

How do you feel about spending money on yourself?

Mrs C x


I am reluctant to use the term ‘beauty’ in this type of post.  Because I hand on heart, with every fibre of my being I believe that beauty is different to a bit of glamour and feeling sparkly.  For me beauty is well below the surface of a person’s skin.  It’s in your eyes when you laugh with kindness.  It’s in your hands when you’re show generosity and it’s in your feet when you go that extra mile for someone.  But that’s for a whole other time.


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