My take on how to unscummy the mummy.

If you havn’t already, reading the prelude to this post will help all this make a lot more sense.

In short, I’m a mummy.  I most often feel a little bit scummy.  And I’ve been on a mission to feel more yummy. You know, like those beautiful beings that ooze so much glamour they positively float around with their gorgeous (and always well behaved) little munchkins.  I started out with very realistic goals; to find ways to feel a little less…meh, without it taking up too much of my time.

And I found some stuff that did just that.  So here’s my take on how to unscummy the mummy.

Unscummy the mummy idea #1: Put some colour in your cheeks.

I’ll be straight with you; although I’m no makeup guru, I feel really self conscious going out with a bare face.  I don’t have bad skin but I do have a pale complexion.  The kind that makes people ask if you’re feeling unwell.  I’ve always been very cautious using tanner on my face for fear of being mistaken for an umpa lumpa.  If anyone was going to streak their face with orange lines it would be yours truly.  But Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine is the bees knees.


This daily moisturiser leaves your skin lovely and soft but the icing on the cake is the I’ve-been-in-the-sun-for-a-week glow it gives.  It doesn’t last forever and if I forget to use it for a few days I will start to fade back to my pastey self, but wapping it on (a technical term you most certainlywill find amongst industry professionals) your face when you first wake up  every morning is hardly high maintenance.  If you’re already used to using a moisturiser you’re onto a winner.  And yes, I have done and will continue to feel confident enough to go out all naked-faced when I’m using this little beauty.

Unscummy the mummy idea #2: Draw a line.

Confession.  I’m a sucker for developing eyelash envy.  I even look at little children who have beautiful curly lashes and inwardly chastise them for not fully appreciating them.  My two little bears included.    My poor pathetic lashes are short and straight and very much lacking in the ooomph department.  The only mascara I’ve tried that’s created even a hint of an illusion of longer lashes is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying mascara.  But what I’ve found that helps even me feel pretty great and make an oooooooooh noise when I look in the mirror, is using eyeliner on my upper lashes.  Don’t be fooled though, it has taken me years to make friends with eyeliner, and even now I cannot make pencil liner work.  At all.  I just end up poking myself in the eye and muttering rude words at it as I throw it back in the drawer.  What I have made firm friends with is the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner

DSCF9411-001It’s like some wondrous felt-tip pen for your eyes.  No yanking at your eyelids or out-manoeuvring splodges that you get with those liquid liners in the pots.  It’s perfect if you’ve never used eyeliner before.  Trust me my friend, if I can use this then anyone can.

Unscummy the mummy idea #3: paint those nails baby!

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with nail varnish.  I love wearing it.  It makes me feel less of a scruff-bag and it gives me loads of street cred at work.  I tell you, if you’re feeling a bit down on yourself, it does your ego all kinds of favours when a five year-old oooohs and aaaaahs over your sparkly nails.  However.  I hate that I nearly always smudge it before it’s fully dry.  So if I’m honest I’ll often not bother.  Which I think is sad, don’t you think it’s sad? To not do something that would make you feel a bit nicer because time (or lack thereof) makes it a no-go?

Well, here’s where this bad boy comes in.  I grabbed Elegant Touch Rapid Dry the last time I was in Boots on the off chance it might work and it actually does!


Paint your nails whatever colour your heart desires, a quick spray of Rapid dry and after about a minute you’re good to go.  It’s that easy.  And what makes this little miracle in a tin even more wonderful. is that it’s about £3.00.  How did I not have this in my life sooner?!? Finding a top coat that is actually the real-deal in defying chips may actually make my life complete.

Unscummy the mummy idea #4: Clean that pretty face while you lie down relax.  

This is the part where you judge me.  Yes, half the time this is my skincare routine.  Sometimes if I’m feeling particularly energetic and I didn’t fall asleep on the sofa downstairs I might be patient enough to use Garnier Miscellar Water and cotton wool, but most of the time these days it’s down to Simple Miscellar wipes to do the job


Being an authorised lazy-bum you’d think I’d not be fussy with face wipes but I’ll tell you for nothing that I am indeed a right fuss pot.  In fact I moved away from using wipes because a lot of them either felt like I was stripping a layer of skin off with the make up (hands up if you’ve felt that ‘stingy’ feeling like you’ve taken a brillo pad to your cheeks) or they didn’t actually do anything.  But I’ve hit the Jackpot with these.  My pillows love them because they remove all my mascara before I roll over and start snoring, and my face loves them because the formula in the wipes were made by nice people who don’t want your skin to hurt.  Add in the convenience of achieving all this when you’ve already crawled into bed.  What’s not to love about that.

Disclaimer: I do actually use a real life proper cleanser when I’m in the shower.  I’m not completely hopeless.

Unscummy the mummy idea #5: Make your skin smooth and soft… And not freeze your nuts off in the process (metaphorically speaking).

I have never ever been one to use a body moisturiser, except on holiday when it’s roasting and you can happily prance around post-shower.  If anything, a cooling lotion is comforting on your frazzled skin.  What’s not comforting is getting out of a lovely hot shower when the weather has grown cooler and delaying the warmth of clothing yourself by standing in the nuddy and covering yourself with cream.  I’d rather have scaly skin to compete with a python in all honesty.  So when I happened upon a little tub of Lush goodness that meant you could do all this whilst you’re still in the shower I thought you must be having me on.  It’s just too good to be true.  So I asked one of the lovely ladies in a Lush store to convince me that Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner really does what it claims to.

DSCF9405-001 And convince me she did when she grabbed my arm and demonstrated on it.  It works like a conditioner for your body just as you would use a conditioner for your hair; Put it on when your skin is wet and then rinse off – AND THAT’S IT! Skin as soft as a baby’s bum.

Here’s the thing though; This one is a bit of a wild card.  I waffled on in the prelude that everything would be super affordable.  This one isn’t.  Well it’s not cheap as chips anyway.  I had birthday money to spend so in my head I justified paying a little more than I normally would have, as if it had been a present bought for me.  If someone bought you nice body lotion you wouldn’t refuse it on grounds of it being more expensive than it’s counterpart from Tesco you normally buy? See my justification? Perfectly rational.  So I thought it was £10.00…I put it down, picked it up again and repeated that process a couple of times.  Then I remembered the whole justification and marched to the till with it in my grip.  I had a few bubble bars in my basket too (because, you know, it’s Lush) and it wasn’t until I’d tapped my pin number in the little machine and was handed the receipt that my head started trying to do the math faster than it was capable of.  The numbers didn’t make sense so I swiftly headed out of the store (being English and not wanting to make a fuss and all) to check the receipt.  It hadn’t been £10.00…It had actually been £10.00 per 100ml in a 225ml pot.  Yep.  £16.50.  I know high end products would make this look really cheap but in my frenzied state I wondered how much the tub would last.  What if it was as brilliant as I thought it would be? What if I absolutely had to repurchase it when I finished this one? It was not a huge pot and this addiction could well cost me £429.00 a year if I went through the stuff like I thought I might.  £429! The good news is that I’m distracted easily and something shiny must have caught my eye because I didn’t stress about my faux pas purchase for long.  And, it turns out that this stuff is not only amazing but it goes a looooong way.  You don’t need to use much at all and unlike a lot of Lush stuff it has a really long shelf life so should last me ages.  Would I buy it again?  you know, I really think I would.


So there you have it.  My take on how to unscummy the mummy.  Mostly on a shoestring.  I’m finding more and more that it’s the little things – special moments that make you feel nice about yourself.  A few stolen minutes to pop a face mask on; the chance to blowdry you hair properly rather than scraping it up into a damp ponytail; maybe even the occasional soak in a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine (but after the kids are asleep, always after the kids are asleep!).  And in between these moments, if something can save you time and make you feel a bit less scummy and more yummy then I say grab it with both hands.

What makes you feel a little more yummy?

Mrs C x



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