my gratitude to summer.

31st August.  Flip. The summer came and went. Just like that.

Opinions are divided over when summer ends.  Meteorologically, Seasons are split into four lots of three months. December-February, March-May, June-August and September-November. Simples.  Astronomically, seasons begin on the solstices when direct sun reaches the various tropics.  They say this happens for autumn around the 22nd-23rd September.

Yeah, I know my stuff.

I’m firmly resided in the camp of the meteorologists.  I mean, come on, who on the 20th September feels like they’re in the middle of British summer? Don’t talk to me about Indian summers.  That’s just a word used for nice autumn days.  It’s still Autumn.

If I was queen I’d make everyone agree on this.  September means hello autumn, how you doing? Especially for those who work in schools.


I’ve absolutely smashed this Summer.  I had goals and I didn’t fail.  I have never succeeded in doing so little in my life.  Yeah, you read that right – doing little. I’d normally embark on adventure after adventure with the little bears, feeling like I had to be super-mum going hither and thither about the place to keep them busy.  Mostly, if truth be known, trying to over-compensate for normally playing bad-cop with the parenting and disciplining.  When the little bears see their dad it’s, understandably, akin to one big fun-fest.  I’m the parent that has to do the laundry when they want to go to the playground.  I’m the parent that sends them to their room when they’re rude.  Nasty mummy.  So in the holidays I’ve felt like I have needed to make up for this – to show them that this chick can still be a cool momma.  Just writing that proves that I’m definitely not one of those.  I have tried nonetheless.


But not this year.  I wrote here at the beginning of August about slowing down and why it was important for me and my family.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do it because I can’t avoid that pull to be on the go.  To just do something to justify my day.

But I did slow down.  I made peace with full days at home.  I gave myself permission to not have to entertain the little bears all the time.  They learnt to play with each other (when they weren’t at each others’ throats) for more than seven minutes at a time.  Yes I timed them.  I backed off from the whole helicopter parenting thing, and they used their imagination more than I’ve ever seen them do before.


This summer I have almost felt my heart-rate slow down to normal speed.  It’s almost been worth all those bite-the-tongue moments when you walk barefoot over a piece of lego.

The best thing though – I’m so ready for this next season.  I’m excited for Autumn and getting back to work.  I’m looking forward to seeing those gorgeous little faces that make me laugh so much.  After dossing it like a total pro, I feel energised at the prospect of getting back into a routine.  I’d call that recuperation.


So I bid farewell to this summer with gratitude;

Thankyou for all you gave me. I’m not gonna lie, you brought rubbish weather with you this year but you gave me the rest I craved and for that I’m truly indebted to you.

Here’s to Autumn, I’m ready for you in all your golden and blustery goodness.

How do you feel about saying goodbye to summer and beckoning in the Autumn season?

Mrs C x


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