welly walks and hot chocolate.

Hellooooooooooo September.  I didn’t expect to feel this bright and breezy about your return. After all it signals the end of a insanely lazy summer.  It means back to rushed weeks and goodbye to sockless feet.  My feet hate getting too hot.  But because of said lazy summer I’m ready for it all. Like, totes.  Don’t tell me I’m not down with the kids.

Here’s three four reasons (I couldn’t decide which one to cut) why, regardless of the impending busyness, I’m excited about September.

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Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse

#1: It’s a new dawn.

I’ve always loved the beginning of a school year.  New exercise books, shiny black shoes and don’t forget the obligatory new pencil case with the inevitable dilemma of deciding between plastic or the tin variety.  But what it all boils down to is a fresh start.  A clean slate and the chance to give it your best shot.  Who doesn’t love that?  Granted, it is a bit weird, being 2/3 into the year and thinking fresh start, but just go with it.  If six year olds can get their heads around it, we can.

So if you havn’t managed what you set out to achieve back in January, don’t sweat it.  Just give that goal a new academic time frame and you’re good to go.  Embrace the new season.


#2: The weekends.

If I’m honest, weekends have still been cherished over the summer because Mr C hasn’t taken any time off work midweek.  But for me and the little bears, it’s been a struggle sometimes to remember what day it is.  The weekends have blended right into the rest of the week.  It’s a different story when you’re working five days a week and Fridays invoke that air punch of celebration.

This weekend we’re celebrating my dad’s 60th by cramming 6 adults, 4 kids and a dog onto a barge boat for the day.  There will either be glorious relaxation on board, or hilarious carnage.  My money’s on the latter.  In a few weeks there will be a girls only day at a yarn festival (yes, wool. Don’t knock it, it’s strangely captivating!) and we’ll be heading over to the Festival of Thrift so see what that’s all about.

My new mantra is work hard, play hard.  If you’re at work, give it all you’ve got and put everything you have into enjoying it.  And when you’re not at work, you play play play play.  Make plans to do what you’ve never done but always wanted to.  Maybe more on that later…

#3: The Rugby World Cup.

Sorry to the football lovers, but for this household it’s less kicking the ball and more jumping on the person holding it.  You can’t beat watching it live, but this family is excited to follow the World Cup in the comfort of our living room. The appreciation for rugby is not without internal controversy though.  Mr C, being very Welsh and all, is a Rugby Union man whereas I think Rugby League makes more sense.  But as a good wife and for the sake of matrimonial harmony I endeavour to grasp Union rules.  The big issue though…Is the national divide.  Wales Vs England.  We’ve found there is no absolute solution to this. We can only attempt tolerance.  I’d be more cocky about him being outnumbered, but I have suspicions that the girls will change allegiance with mild bribery.  Their heritage is meaningless if they have chocolate in their hand.  Is nothing sacred?

#4: Autumn!


Did I mention I love autumn? I fell out of love with it for a while because I had a pretty bleak time of it when I became a single mum and that just so happened to be in the Autumn time. That year I didn’t notice the colours changing to breath-taking shades of gold and red and fear zapped any superfluous energy to really enjoy the crisp sunshine.  But being the stubborn wretch that I am, losing an Autumn made me more determined to embrace each one thereafter.  And for me that means trying my hand at making Slow Gin, welly-walks to country pubs and copious amounts of hot chocolate.

What does make me a little bit sad about September is that I won’t have time to blog nearly as much as I have through the summer.  Sniff.  This is one of the reasons I very recently set up the Learning To Be Mrs C Facebook Page – so that I can post pictures and little snatches of this family’s journey when I can’t sit down to write it all down at length.  So if you havn’t already, please do pop over there and hit the like button and you’ll be kept up to speed, as we continue in our first year as a newly formed family.  The next few months will see us getting to grips with keeping Hens, ready for the new year, making a trip down to south Wales and getting ready for our first Christmas at Riverside Cottage.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

What are you looking forward to in September?

Mrs C


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