unexpected learning.

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It’s planned that the UK will spend £89.4 billion on Education.  That money is going into making sure that children are learning enough to give them the best head-start in life.  I feel privileged to be a part of that head-start for a bunch of children in the Yorkshire Dales.

As we were getting ready for lunchtime today, a delightfully bright little girl of six ran up to me beaming from ear to ear.

“Mrs C! it’s only the first day back to school and I’ve learnt something already!”

I’m not going to lie.  I felt smug.  I had played an integral role in imparting wisdom and knowledge to this little person.  I was preparing her for the life in the big world.  I was equipping her for success.  I was increasing her life choices.  All the time and effort put in by the whole school team suddenly felt worth it.

I fluffed my cape and polished my halo as I smiled and asked her what she’d learnt.  I thought she would burst with excitement.

“I’ve just learnt that if you put loads of soap on your hands and squidge them together like this (with much gesticulation) you can make a right good farting noise…”

Ah. Right.

I applauded her inquisitive mind and gently reminded her that if she’s going to use all the school’s soap for her experiments then ‘farting’ isn’t really a great scientific term.

I hope she hasn’t misunderstood me and gone on a quest to expand her vocabulary for flatulence.


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