Saturdays: Expectations Vs Reality.

I have fantasised about today all week.  However, There is a flaw in such unabating daydreams.

Dream: I wake up around 8am to a calm house.  The little bears are still tucked up in bed reading, happy to not be rushing around to get ready for school.

Reality: Littlest bear has a nightmare around 3am and crawls into our bed.  This kid has go-go-gadget arms.  It’s unnatural how they extend from her itsy body.  So the rest of the night looked like this.

early morning2

At 6am Mr C and I were both wide awake but trying to fool littlest bear into thinking it was still time to sleep.  Our eyes were closed.  We were not engaging in the ‘chitchat’ she was pushing for.  She goes in for a cuddle with Mr C and lifts his arms up.

“Oooooh look you’re all hairy under there.  What’s that about?”

Dream: The sun is shining and making the most of early autumn warmth, we take a leisurely late-morning walk over to the next village.  The girls joyfully frolick in the fields, holding hands and liking each other. We pop into the pub, enjoy a cold beer (not the littlies) and we tuck into some homemade chips (mostly the littlies). All whilst chatting and laughing together.  We head back via the playpark and the girls continue to like each other as they play nicely and allow the grownups to sit on the bench, holding hands.  We soak up the last of the afternoon sunshine as the girls make daisy chains for each other.

Reality: DSCF9580The two little bears are bickering over who gets to play on the computer first.  And I have that start-of-term sore throat.

No, it may not be what my daydreams were made of.  Yes, I may well have burny-tired eyes by 2pm.  But Ronan had a point.  Sometimes you’ve just got to ride it.  It  is still Saturday and we will rejoice in all its’ work-free splendour.  We will have a great day, damn it.

Cue boardgames, log fire and hot chocolate.  There may even be a welly walk if we’re feeling particularly adventurous.  Then more hot chocolate.

How are you going to enjoy your Saturday?

Mrs C x

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