Throwback Thursday: Brownie Edition

This week was monumental for my littlest bear.  This week we were finally able to say ‘yes love, you can go in with your sister’.  She’s been chomping at the bit for over a year and she was over the moon to finally get to join in.

Having two little brownies in the household meant an expensive online shop at the Brownie uniform store.


Since when did Brownie uniforms become so cool?! When did they stop the shapeless overalls, scratchy cardigans and obligatory bobble hat, all in poo brown?


I was so proud of the couple of inches of string and paper hankie in my pocket.  I was officially prepared for any of life’s eventuality.

Did you ever have a horrendous childhood uniform?

Mrs C x

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11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Brownie Edition

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  1. Aw your girls look so cute in their matching Brownie uniforms, I was never apart of the brownines or anything like that and looking at your uniform I think I might be glad lol.
    coming over from #throwbackthursday

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