That Friday Feeling.

This week has been knackering.  The littlies at school have both delighted me and made me wonder if we are actually the same species.  My legs have had countless bear hugs, I got a proud lump in my throat when a little girl had a light-bulb moment after struggling with number bonds for months and I carefully rubbed away all the hurties on knees when they fell from running too fast.  But I’ve also been pouted at, trumped on and had to deal with a major code green nose incident.  I guess you take the smelly  bad with the good.  Throw in a head cold though and it’s like wading through treacle.  Everything demands so much more energy.  Like continuing to smile after you’ve been asked when home time is… For the 5000th time.


I always thought that The Friday Feeling was reserved for those who didn’t like their jobs.  They had survived another five days in the workplace and even just the knowledge of entering into two days away from that environment was soothing to the soul.

I love my job.  I’m grateful that I get school holidays with my little bears and I don’t need to worry about childcare.  I genuinely care about every single child I spend my days with.  Even the ones that trump on me.

But I’ll be honest with you.  I get a major case of The Friday Feeling.


It’s a relief to be servant to only two children for a while.  We’re not outnumbered at home.  I can’t guarantee I wont get trumped on but I do get the odd cup of tea in bed.  Time isn’t dictated by phonics and early learning goals; we get to choose what how we spend those days.

I’m even looking forward to cleaning the house.  The world seems much more ordered when you’re on top of housework.  Or is that just me??  I’ve learnt from my high expectations last weekend to ease back on plans for a little while.  If it’s nice weather then great, we’ll enjoy it.  If it’s cold and wet and windy then we’ll embrace the excuse to be even more lazy.  Win win.

I declared that I would not be cooking tonight.  There’s nothing that tastes better with The Friday Feeling than Pizza.  Washed down with a big glass of wine.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Mrs C x


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