A Non-moaning Monday: Halfaversaries & ‘The Proposal’

I love a good celebration.  Especially when drinking fizz is involved.  Be it the hamster’s birthday or finally squeezing back into those old jeans, there’s nothing better than raising your glass with your nearest and dearest and just be bloomin’ thankful.  There’s enough doom and gloom in the world – we need to be balancing the score a little.

Today Mr C and I celebrate our very first half-anniversary. We’re calling it the halfaversary. Yep.  Six whole months and we’ve lived to tell the tale.  Sometimes only just.  Our backstory is sprinkled here and there on the blog so have a nosey around and you should get an idea of it.  We brought a small bottle of wine back from our familymoon and decided to keep it for this very day, so tonight we’ll be squabbling who gets do drink more of it, and wandering down memory lane.  It’s been quite a year.

On the evening of Friday December 5th last year Mr C gathered my two little bears on the floor next to the sofa that I had collapsed on like a beached whale after a particularly exhausting week at school.  He asked them what the gift was on the fifth day of Christmas (which I know is actually 29th December, but don’t go spoiling my lovely story).  The girls looked confused and so he showed them a box… And in it was a gold ring.  Apparently 5 would have been extravagant. Mr C told the little bears that he wanted to marry mummy and asked them if they thought he should ask her.  Their faces lit up and they squealed with excitement.  I was busy frantically trying to wipe dribble off my chin because I may have been dozing 5 minutes earlier.  This was not a moment to have a soggy mouth.

So Mr C, down on one knee, and with the girls sitting next to him, turned to me and (kindly ignoring the dribble) asked me if I would be his wife.


Once all the squealing had died down my littlest bear looked thoughtful.

“So can we get married this weekend?”

We explained that even small weddings took some organising.  Little did any of us know that the wedding bells would be ringing within four months.

As much as we were excited for a special day, what we wanted was to be married; to be a family. The last thing I wanted was a load of fuss.  Been there done that.  So we enjoyed our first and last Christmas in our teeny tiny market-town cottage and in the new year set out to organise a low key country wedding.  I reckon we set a record because on March 28th, with my dad by my side, I followed my two little bears down the aisle and married my best friend.




Despite torrential rain and blustery wind, we had the BEST day.  After enjoying a drink with some local friends in a country pub, the family gathered in a private dining room to eat, drink and be merry.  We couldn’t have asked for a more relaxed day.  We had one night alone together before coming back to our little bears to get ready for our familymoon.

Making a marriage great can be really hard work. When the challenges come along it would be easy to just run.  I’ve been burnt before.  That fight or flight mechanism is still bubbling away below the surface.  And I’m pretty sure if I loose my keys… Or phone… Or work ID one more time Mr C will be the one running for the hills.  We both get it wrong.  Sometimes I think we have a contest to see who can be the biggest moron.

But when we do get it right it’s worth every single bit of effort ten times over.  I love him so much I could squish him.  Really.  Sometimes he has to tell me to put him down.

Happy halfaversary Mr C.  I promise I’ll try and keep my keys in a safe place.  And my phone.  And my ID.

Mrs C x

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