Throwback Thursday: The one where I become a mummy.

To so many people this is a pretty normal, albeit cute picture of a baby.

946829_10152828297060298_868054516_n (2)

To me it’s a picture of MY baby.  It’s a picture of the Human Being that turned me into a mummy.

It’s a picture that is now over 9 years old.

Gone are the days when this one could be carried around in my arms and snuggled into peaceful slumber.  This little piece of gorgeousness, no matter how not-so-little she gets, will always be my baby.  Yet she’s not a baby anymore.  Heck, she’s not even a young child anymore.

Getting to know so many brilliant bloggers who are still in the throws of babydom and allthings toddler has reminded me that I’m at a different stage of life now.  My littlest bear still feels ‘young’ to me, but at seven, we’re not dealing with teething and night feeds anymore. Those days are so tough. But I do miss them.  That baby smell.  That heart warming first baby-giggle.  That lack of cognitive skills to answer back… Sigh.

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15 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The one where I become a mummy.

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  1. I love this picture so cute….I’m in the throws of every toddlerhood, my son is 15 months old almost 16 months and he is definitely finding his voice and stubborness etc, along with the tantrums and teething and there are days where I just want it to be over but on the whole I don’t it to end because then I won’t have a little bubba anymore so snuggle to sleep.

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    1. As they grow older you get to enjoy them in a whole different way. The little chats and watching them learn. But there’s nothing quite like having a tiny one in the house! Enjoy this season with your toddler!x


  2. Ah, it goes too fast doesn’t it. although I can’t help thinking from this post you’d really love another one?! Do it! Do it! Ok, maybe online peer pressure isn’t the way to go about family planning #justmessing x MMT #throwbackthursday


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