Let’s Talk.


….Baby. Sorry; my brain reads these words to the tune of Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s 90s classic let’s talk about sex baby.  But this is not about sex  – focus Mrs C, focus.

Mental health.  The term has developed such a stigma but when you stand back and look at it, it’s really quite a positive concept.  As well as the real medical problems associated with mental health, its as much about promoting personal well being and the best possible quality of life.  At the very least we all face stressful situations and live in a fast paced world can make the most laid back person dizzy.  We need to look after ourselves.  Our bodies and our minds.

And you know what? It’s ok to not be ok sometimes.  And it’s ok to talk about that.

I’m absolutely honoured to be a part of a collaborative blogging series this week, hosted by the lovely Sarah from admissions of a working mother.  In the lead up to World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10th October a group of bloggers have written openly and honestly about mental health; sharing our stories and doing our bit to curb that stigma.  It’s real women dealing with real life, sharing real stories.  In the dreamteam we have Sarah, the mastermind behind all of this (who you can find on the link above), Jemma from May flower blogs, Lisa from Thirty-something belle, and Lucy from what my fridge says.  And Me.  But you know where to find me.

Our hope is that it will instigate a bit more talking and a bit less shaming.

So far this week there has been four OUTSTANDING and beautifully honest contributions so please do click on the links below, have a read and feel very free to leave them a lovely comment (they’ve been very brave to be so open) or share them on social media.  Next in the series will be my post, going live (both on Sarah’s blog and here at Learning to be Mrs C) on Thursday.  A while ago I wrote a letter to the Anxiety monster, and this time I’m letting you in on what he doesn’t want you to know. Please show it some love because although it’s important it’s never easy to write about.

So Let’s talk.  Let’s blow the stigma of mental health out of the water once and for all.

Mrs C x

The Let’s Talk series so far… 

Agoraphobia: An Open letter to everyone who knows me by Admissions of a working mother.

PND: A Young Mother’s Story By thirty-Something Belle

Anxiety and Depression: My Story By Mayflower Blogs

She’s Still a Princess: By What my fridge says


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