Wicked Wednesdays: October #1

Ok, so for those reading this through the Wicked Wednesdays linky, this is not a picture of a tantruming tot.  But it does relate to me as a mother, so bear with me here.

I am a mummy of two little girls.  With little girl ‘bits’.  I’ve never had to deal with little boy ‘bits’.

Despite the odd pang of broodiness, as my two girls have grown out of babyhood, and progressed beyond toddledom I have become more and more sure that I would never be dealing with little boy ‘bits’.

Until this weekend.  When Jasper my house rabbit got the runs.

I never thought that I’d ever be wiping sloppy poop off a pair of testicles.  Human or otherwise.

photo (14)

And he thought he was having a bad day.

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12 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays: October #1

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  1. Ha ha this made me chuckle! We used to breed rabbits and one of our females had a problem where, when she pooped, it all got mattered in her fur and we used to have to shampoo her under the kitchen tap! I feel your pain! #WickedWednesdays On the other hand, i have a little boy and he is constantly playing with his bits in the bath, pulling it and allsorts! ouch!

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