The joys of mooky nights.

It’s been a mooky day in the Dales.  You know, murky and a bit spooky.  Being surrounded by little kiddiewinks at school all day things can get a little insular, like being in a Yorkshire bubble.  So I’m not sure if it was some weird microclimate or have other people been hit by this fog?  The littlies weren’t deterred by it and relished ‘running through the clouds’.  Oh to be that glass half full…! I wasn’t going to be the one to curb their lust for life and smiled as I watched them take turns at trying to hold ‘cloud’ in their hands.

As I made my way home mid afternoon I showed the winding country roads the respect they demand on days like this.  Trundling along, I took my time and savoured the prospect of a cosy evening indoors.  So vastly different from the balmy evenings of the summer, but just as satisfying.


A lot of people hate the colder months, feeling claustrophobic inside 4 walls and longing for spring to return so they can be released back outdoors.  Granted, the autumn/winter evenings feel a lot shorter so you don’t feel like you get quite the same amount of time outside of work.  Nevertheless, there are heaps of benefits to be grabbed from the dark nights and blustery weather.

Here are 4 joys of mooky nights.

Joy #1: They give you full permission to wear your Pyjamas as soon a you get home. 

If you took a poll of any given demographic 95% would tell you that pyjamas (or onesies for those that can wear them without suffering from the traumatic onesie wedgie) are their comfy clothes of choice and 5% would be lying.  Not only does it feel fabulous after you’ve been sucked into slightly-too-small trousers all day but it’s like shedding all the rubbish you’ve had to deal with that day.  Neither Rude customers nor stressful traffic delays can do diddly squat to you now you’re in your flannel pants.

AdobePhotoshopExpress_2015_11_02_212629 (2)

Joy #2: The baggy pyjamas you’re wearing hides a multitude of sins so you can go to town with comfort food. 

Everyone has a go to list of comfort food favourites.  Butternut squash soup, cheese toasties and Sunday roasts all make feel warm and fuzzy.  But when you’ve been out in the cold, there’s little more comforting than warming up with thick and creamy hot chocolate.  Go on, reach for those mini marshmallows, I won’t tell anyone.

Joy #3: They help the littlies fall asleep at a bearable hour.

Please tell me I’m not the only one trying to convince some very unconvinced children that it’s bedtime in the middle of summer? When the sun is still glowing it’s hard for littlies to give up on the day and give way to peaceful slumber.  And when they finally do fall asleep, parents are left frantically hoping they’ve not left a crack in the blackout curtains that will wake their children at 5am.  Not in the autumn.  By the time November rolls around, when desperation calls, you could easily fool your kids into believing its sleepy time by 6.30.  I mean, I’ve never done that myself.  No, not me, not ever…

Joy #4:  The dark evenings beg for candlelight.

Sure, July may give you bbqs and picnics but it hardly gets dark enough to get those candles lit.  It just looks silly.  This is when Autumn comes into it’s own.  Low lighting (or no lighting!) in a room full of tealights and candles is seriously good for the soul.  I defy anyone to lie on the sofa in candlight and not feel their stress levels drop.


There’s something to be said for getting wrapped up during the day and facing the elements head on.  It clears the cobwebs away.  But for me there’s something special about those autumn evenings, where it’s all about slowing right down, being comfy and cosy and enjoying a bit of naff TV.  What more could you want?

What do you love about taking refuge indoors when the weather is this icky?

Mrs C x

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9 thoughts on “The joys of mooky nights.

Add yours

    1. Have you tried Cadburys whisper hot chocolate? The mister and I have tried so many different brands including some of the more ‘prestigious’ ones and we just can’t beat the Whisper one -SO thick and bubbly!x


  1. Ooo I love all of these! I am always sat in the evenings in my dressing gown, I love hot chocolates and I love pulling my winter coat on and wrapping up warm. The only things I don’t like is Zach throwing his covers off at night and getting cold (didn’t happen in summer!) and having to stand on a cold train station platform! Otheerwise, I quuite like winter 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah but when you get in from standing on cold station platforms you can embrace the pjs, hot chocolate and candles. Somehow the cosier is intensified when you’ve earned it being out in the cold first!x


  2. Autumn is most definitely my favourite season. Ive dded a glow to the living room by allowing myself one set of our warm white fairly lights to come out early as we dont have anywhere safe for candles at the mo, so at least we are still getting that flickering glow. Sadly, I think Dexter missed the memo about the early bedtimes… could you forward it to him? Haha


    1. It’s got to become a bit of amateur theatricals around 6pm… Adopt some method acting and change the clocks! Rub your eyes a lot and say things like ‘cor blimey is it that late already??’ Good luck with that!!!x


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