The ‘early Christmas present’

Come on, we’ve all done it before.  Splashing out on something you can’t justify – so you call it an ‘early Christmas present’, making a mental note that you can’t now really ask for that handbag you’ve been eyeing up in town.

The thing is I’ve done it twice this year already.

First time was back in September.  I was clutching at straws with the whole Christmas thing, I know. However, I do have a very strong argument for this first early Christmas present.  Have you ever seen something in a shop you just loved, it was a great price but you weren’t 100% sure? So you left it to think it over, only to eventually go back to buy it and it’s gone? Sold out.  Out of stock.  Gone.  You know you missed out on a good thing.  Well my friends, I was not going to let this happen.  I saw a vintage-style electric mixer and I just knew that within minutes of me leaving empty handed, hundreds, nay, thousands would flock to this rural small-town store and empty the shelves of them.  So really, it was more an act of logic and sense…Right? I took the lovely electric mixer home and thanked Mr C for what he was going to get me for Christmas.  Yes, this would be it.  Yes, it would stay in the box.  Yes, I’d amend my mental Christmas list now that I’ve purchased my own present before the leaves dropped from the trees.

That afternoon I made some very delicious cookies with the electric mixer.

My second early Christmas present came this week.  I don’t hold myself fully responsible this time as Mr C was involved in the scheming too.  We both knew we really needed a new camera and ummmed and aaahed about whether to get a good point and shoot or spend a little more on a second hand DSLR.  We tried to kid ourselves for a while but then after playing with my brother-in-laws’ camera over half term be both knew.  It was time for the DSLR.  We MR C did the research, bought one online and on Wednesday the builders next door handed me a cardboard box when I got home from work.  I’m pretty sure I could hear angels singing as I carried it inside. 

photo (14)

I love it.  It’s like it enjoys taking photos, it’s so good.  I’m on a slow learning curve because we’re sticking to manual mode for now.  I’m scared that if I shoot in automatic I’ll get to comfortable and stay there so I’m pushing myself into the deep end with many hideously bad shots to show for it.

Really though, this is it.  On Christmas eve Mr C will wrap up the camera and the following morning  I will unwrap it, feigning great surprise.  But in the meantime…!

Have you ever had ‘early Christmas presents’?

Mrs C x

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19 thoughts on “The ‘early Christmas present’

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  1. Oh. This made me smile! Happy Christmas my lovely! I would love a mixer – I think I’m going to save up over the next year or so. I think it is a very justifiable purchase! As for the camera, I’d class it as a family investment. Just think of all the memories you will save for when the children are grown! I’m jealous. I had a beautiful Canon DSLR but it was just too heavy for my neck and hands. I had to downgrade 😦

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    1. You can get amazing compact system cameras and the bodies are so slim – but they come at a hefty price!! I’ve seen that your blog photos are great love, so your using the downgrade well!x

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  2. Ahh Happy early Christmas to you! I know what you mean though I bought myself a new handbag at the beginning of last month and promised myself it was an early christmas present to myself! I am *hoping* for a DSLR for christmas from the other half though as I really need one! (I use my iPhone for pics at present!)

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

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  3. I got a very similar camera for my birthday and I love it. Although I am on auto a lot and should read the instructions. And i have to admit thatbIbalways have my phone with me just in case I give up! Good luck. Hope you capture some amazing memories #KCACOLS

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    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am genuinely worried that I’ve peaked too early… So I’m currently cutting out pictures of pretty things and nonchalantly leaving them around the house for Mr C… I’m going ‘subtle’… x

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  4. Ohh sexy new camera alert! I remember seeing this on Instagram hehe. I haven’t bought myself and early xmas present this year but honestly I always justify my buys like that haha! Thanks for linking up lovely to the #bestandworst see you again! xx

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