And then there were five…

It’s been a while since I posted a blog post.  Nearly three months in fact.  So please forgive me if this one’s a little disjointed and rambly.  It’s been a rough time, these last three months, but for the most beautiful reason.

I’ve been busy growing something.


I found out on a Friday November evening, crammed into our downstairs loo with Mr C, that I would not be opening the bottle of red wine that the Tesco driver had just delivered.  More on that story another time.

It’s funny how reality can put a pin in our bubble of expectation.  I anticipated that, should I be fortunate to be able to have another baby, I’d go all out this time round.  It would be a pregnancy-embracing bonanza.  Weekly ‘bump shots’ from the get go so I could put them all together to create a collage that would rival anything on Pinterest.  A cute but witty pregnancy announcement video that would look effortless yet oh-so-clever.  Moments lovingly rubbing my increasingly swelling bump as I breezed, nay, glowed through the pregnancy from start to finish.

Reality: I was 15 weeks pregnant before I took a photo of my pregnant self (the one above), we had to put our pregnancy ‘out there’ way earlier than we would have chosen to and for a long time if anyone, even Mr C, made any contact with tummy I would growl viciously.

From week five I was crippled with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, abnormally severe sickness and dehydration in pregnancy.  I was pretty sick with both my girls so didn’t expect to avoid it but this has been on a whole other level.  There’ve been other dramas along the way too with some bleeding and concerns early on of an ectopic pregnancy.  And when you’ve experienced miscarriage before, that anxiety is felt all the deeper.  I’ll go into my first trimester in a separate post because I don’t want today to be about that.  And it’s still too soon to go there (I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same way about Christmas).  The main thing is that this baby is a scrappy little fighter and keeps hanging on in there and growing well.

I’m nearly 16 weeks pregnant now and though I’m still on anti-sickness medication, I’m eating and moving around again.  The last 11 weeks have made me pretty weak so I feel a bit like a frail old lady but I imagine that’ll get better over the coming weeks.  All being well, I’ll be sharing this pregnancy with you all regularly as I get back into the swing of normal life again.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a gruelling start to a pretty wonderful adventure – now let the glowing commence.


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  1. Oh lovely, you poor thing how awful 😦 I really hope you start feeling a bit better soon but sending you lots of congratulations on the bump 🙂 thanks for linking up again, pleased to see you! #bestandworst


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