“Is it a boy or a girl?”

I’m only four weeks late in writing this post.  Could be worse.  I don’t know what’s been the problem but after starting to feel human again and then returning to work a month ago, my brain has not let me do much once my two little bears are snuggled in their beds.  In fact, there have been a few times that I’ve climbed the stairs to bed before my oldest bear has even fallen asleep.  So blogging has been off the agenda.  As has dusting and vacuuming to be honest.

When we first saw those two pink lines on that plastic stick I didn’t dream that I’d be wishing any of this pregnancy away.  This is my last baby.  No really.  Honest. Therefore it’s my last pregnancy.  I dreamt that this season would be one of hazy mumsiness; peace love and unicorns the whole way.  I was going to glow and float a couple of inches above the ground, gliding my way through the nine months.  It took a bit of time for me to accept that it was ok for this pregnancy to suck sometimes.  So we hit the 20 week mark with joy and relief; I was starting to feel like normal life was resuming and we were past the half way mark.  We splashed out on a bottle of Shloer’s best and had a night on the wild side.  I think I stretched my bedtime to 9.30 that evening.

photo (16)

And with the half way mark comes the second scan… That colossal moment that you can ask to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl.  The sonographer asked if we had a preference.  We shook our heads and we meant it.  She asked us what we already had and Mr C explained that at the moment he’s a little outnumbered with me and two girls at home.

She smiled, and as we continued to watch the screen, told us that it would even out a bit with this little one.

Because it was a boy.

As the black and white image flickered,  we watched our little man wriggle away as if he knew we could see him.  I laughed.  I asked a couple of times if she was sure and she kept going back to check.  Yes, she was sure.  Then I laughed some more.

We were having a son!

We went out for some pizza and talked boy names.  Mr C grinned as I vetoed each of his absurd suggestions.  Then we headed home to let two very excited little bears know the news.  Pop over to the blog’s Facebook page to watch that video.

The realm of baby-boyhood, with all it’s boy bits and pieces is completely alien to me.  Do they really wee in your face when you change their nappy??  Do they really play with their… little man parts?? When they’re older do they really eat worms??

At first I was a little uninspired by baby boy clothes.  They all seemed so… samey, and if I’m honest a little dull.  There is a lot of baby blue floating around the rails of the baby boy departments let me tell you.  There are however, some clothes that have made me inwardly squeal and do a little dance.



So there we have it.  A baby boy.  A son.

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5 thoughts on ““Is it a boy or a girl?”

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  1. Oh I am so so happy for you! Boys are wonderful and generally, so loving and cuddly. My son gives way more love and wants many more cuddles than my friends daughter and others say the same.
    I felt the same about boys clothes to begin with but although I swoon over girls clothes in the shops, I love boys clothes now.
    Hope you get a bit more energy soon xxx


  2. How exciting for you all! I have often thought that about baby boys clothes, I do like the stuff in H&M though and I remember once finding a babygrow that looked a little like a tux, it was very cute. #bestandworst

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  3. Aww I saw this before! I bet you are thrilled and hubby will have some male company. A boy – how amazing. Congrats and hope you are feeling ok xx Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x


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