13 inches???

I’ve been rubbish at regularly documenting this pregnancy.  With only a handful of posts since we found out that number three was one the way, it all seems a bit of a blur.  Since I stopped being so sick, each Thursday seems to fly around and we count another week gone by.  It kind of really hit home this week when my phone beeped on Thursday to tell me I’m now 25 weeks pregnant.  It wasn’t exactly unexpected but still, 25 weeks, yikes!


My 20 week scan confirmed my suspicions that I have an anterior placenta (it’s at the front rather than more commonly at the back).  It’s not a problem, it’s just the reason that I couldn’t feel much at all until around 20+ weeks (the placenta cushions the baby’s movements). It was a relief to put a reason to it to be honest, because I felt my littlest bear way earlier in my pregnancy with her.  Aaaanyway, I’ve been told that we’re at the point now where baby is most active.  It’s made it an even bigger-than-normal novelty to be able to enjoy feeling this little man wriggling and spinning around after waiting weeks and weeks for those reminders that he’s ok in there.

But here’s the thing.  When I lie and watch my tummy move or put my hand there to feel the kicks, I’ve been picturing a tiny little thing with heaps of space to roam about in.  I mean, I have three months to go, plenty of time for him to grow to a regular baby size, right?  It was only two minutes ago that I was lying on the bathroom floor asking Mr C to shoot me and him rubbing my back and reminding me that this sickness was all for our little grain-of-rice-size baby.  Just one tiny grain of rice.  So I overwhelmed me a little this week when I read that my little boy is around 13 inches long already.

13 inches? What on earth?? That’s like, huge!

photo (17).JPG

I know baby is curled up in a ball but it has blown my mind how he can really be that big and fit in there; this bump of mine that makes me waddle and sore but feels a little small to house a baby 13 inches long.  Apparently that makes baby the size of a papaya, but who on earth really knows how big a papaya is? Or am just really uncultured? I don’t know why they use really abstract size references for unborn babies.  I didn’t know how big an eggplant was either.

After two glorious weeks at home with my little bears I’m back at work tomorrow.  I can’t say I’m not hesitant about the end of the school holidays.  I’m a little nervous about the back spasms I’m getting a lot, I don’t want to scare the kids at school if I suddenly need to get onto all-fours in the classroom to ease the pain! At home I can either stretch to a position or just have a good cry until it passes.  Being at home has also meant I’ve had the chance to be domestic for the first time in about five months.    Mr C worries I’m nesting.  I’ve told him it’s way too early for that…Surely.  Gulp.

It’s not your time yet baby not, you still have a way to go. Keep growing some more and get good ‘n strong before you have me truly nesting.


But all holidays come to an end and normal life has it’s routines.  That’s ok with me.  I love my job and if I pace myself (if I could give myself a knowing look, I’d be doing that right now; you know, when you look down your nose over your glasses and raise your eyebrows?) then it’ll all be great.

I’d say I’ll be having an early night but every night is an early night nowadays.  But first I’m off now to eat my weight in Nachos.  Happy Sunday you lovely people.

Mrs C x



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