Time to nest and rest.

This feels uncomfortable.  Like the first day back at school, picking up a pencil and trying to write with it for the first time after a summer of scuffed knees and windswept cheeks.  It’s unfamiliar and to be honest, a little awkward.  After well over two months, I’ve almost forgotten how to write a blog post.  I only just realised I didn’t even write about our babymoon… Back in April.  Believe me, I’m hanging my head in shame.

For the record, our babymoon was just lovely.  We had typical British weather (wet and windy) but it gave us space to just be breathe and be Mr and Mrs C for a little while.  We held hands, walked on the beach, laughed, dreamed new dreams for our growing family and ate utter rubbish, guilt-free, the whole time.

28 weeks pregnant

So it’s a given that I pretty much suck at this blogging-whilst-pregnant malarky.  Hats off you mamas that have managed to breeze through each trimester, writing weekly updates, posting bump shots and reviewing all manner of maternity goods.  I salute you (but what’s your secret??).  Growing a baby whilst working full time and keeping two little girls and a Mr C alive and loved has absolutely maxed me out.  Everything else has had to wait.





We had minor scare at 28 weeks with another little bleed but it turned out to be okay.  Again. Then at 31 weeks my midwife was not happy with how ‘compact’ my bump was, whizzing me off for an urgent scan but not before giving me a pep talk about some babies needing to come out earlier than we’d normally like.  I felt sick as I walked out of the health centre and called Mr C in tears.  It was too early to meet our baby boy – he wasn’t  ready.  Heck, I wasn’t ready.  Before I knew it I was lying in a small room on that all-too-familiar bed with a gentle midwife explaining what they were looking for.  Thankfully, the measurements came out absolutely fine.  He was looking a bit skinny but that was expected since I’d lost so much weight and still hadn’t gone up to my beginning-of-pregnancy weight at that point.  They had no significant concerns over his growth; in fact his head was rather large, I do hope that’s slowed down a bit…!  Deliriously relieved, we headed home, feeling like we’d had too many close calls already with this baby.  Within a week of the scan my bump began to rapidly expand and hasn’t stopped since.  Sometimes it feels like it gets bigger by the minute and I’m very okay with that.

Baby is in a great position with his head already engaged and boy can I feel the pressure. The waddle is my default method of movement now and I swear he’s using my bladder as a drum.  I’ve made peace with restless nights and I’ve had lots of niggles and twinges that catch me off guard every time.  When I saw my midwife last week, knowing that I really didn’t want to have to travel an hour and 40 minutes to the bigger, consultant led delivery unit, she bent down and whispered to my tummy; “now listen up baby, just one more week to stay put and then it’s up to you, you can come whenever you want.  Just one more week”


The biggest milestone though, for me anyway, came last Friday.  I finished work for maternity leave (I can almost hear a chorus of angels singing as I write that) and at 36 weeks pregnant I was more than ready do some nesting and resting.  I’ve had some raised eyebrows at finishing work with 4 weeks still to go before D-day.  Some people are funny aren’t they? I’m trying to thicken my skin as I get older but it doesn’t come naturally.  The thing is every woman’s pregnancy is different.  My GP actually urged me to consider giving up work altogether at 16 weeks, and at my last checkup my lovely midwife gave me a pat on the back for working full time in a very active job until this point, considering the rough start I had.  Last week had me sitting on teeny tiny chairs, rushing to the loo more often than I could count, hobbling around and limping up and down the stairs with pelvic pain so I know that I know that I KNOW I have made a good call in stopping work now.  If baby doesn’t come for another five weeks, then so be it.  I won’t see it as wasted time at all.  I’ll see it as time that I’ve embraced at home; catching my breath and getting organised.  I really don’t think I’ll be waiting that long anyway (famous last words) so I’m putting my feet up while I can.

36 weeks pregnant

And that takes me up to today.  Feeling very pregnant.  36 weeks and 6 days pregnant to be exact; the last day of pregnancy that I’d have been considered ‘early’ if I went into labour.  I’ll be writing about being ‘Full term’ tomorrow so it may feel like sudden blogging overload here at Learning to be Mrs C.

It’s a bit like waiting for a bus; nothing happens for ages and then two come at once.

Mrs C x

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5 thoughts on “Time to nest and rest.

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  1. Oh lovely bump! Pregnancy is so tough so there’s no surprise one or two things go got put to the back of the list like blogging. Enjoy the paw last four weeks before bump arrives, you deserve to finish work that bit earlier. The earlier the better in my opinion. You’re looking fab momma #bestandworst


  2. Where to start. First of all, you look gorgeous on the beach, beautiful. Second, do not feel any guilt at going on maternity leave with 4 weeks to go. Everything has turned into a competition now, about how hard core we are and it’s ridiculous to be judged on taking your entitled time off. For any pregnant woman, let alone someone who was so very poorly and has had scares, is in pain and is running a busy household. You’re amazing.
    Third- I’m terrible at managing everyday life and loving my son and then blogging. I suck, so again, no need to apologise!
    Lastly- yay to full term. I hope everything goes to plan x


  3. You rest lovely – you have earnt it big time and stuff those raised eyebrows. What?! My colleague is encouraging me to go with 4 weeks left so will see. Glad you have hit the 36 week mark and all is ok. Your babymoon sounded amazing and I am so excited to see you announcement and have you back blogging! Thanks for linking with #bestandworst x


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