Stay put my little one; not long now.

To my baby boy,

We did it, we have made it to full term! We have got through 37 weeks together, and I’ve fallen more in love with you as each of those 259 days have passed.  There were times I was scared you’d have to come into this world earlier.  Even today,  I can’t quite believe that whenever you come now, you won’t be considered premature, but ready to face this big wide world of ours.

I won’t lie to you, this first part of our journey together has been tough.  I’ve crawled through some days and conquered others.  Carrying and growing you has been the hardest physical challenge of my life and it has pushed me to limits I didn’t think I could stretch to.  Thank you, my precious boy, for showing me that I’m stronger than I thought I was.  I know this will be the first of many things you’ll teach me and I’m so thankful for you already.

We asked you to wait until today; to stay put until I didn’t have to make the longer journey to James Cook Hospital.  You kept your end of the bargain.  Thank you for that my love. Only, I need to ask a little more of you.  We promised that you could come and meet us as soon as we stepped over this milestone, but I’m going to ask you to hang in there just a little longer.

You see, once you’re on your way, there’s a chance I won’t have to travel anywhere at all; I might get to stay put and welcome you into the world in a place that will become your very first home.  It would mean that your sisters will get to hold and kiss you quicker and that will mean everything to them because, son, those two girls are so desperate to meet their baby brother.  If you’re born at home, all being well, we can snuggle up in mummy and daddy’s bed together afterwards; not having to wait for paperwork to be signed before we have to make an hour’s drive back from the hospital.

But here’s the thing; we’ve got to get through just one more week for that to happen.  By next Thursday the home-birth kit will be dropped off at the house and the midwives will be on call, waiting for the nod from you.

37 weeks pregnant

Your sisters didn’t arrive until I was 40 weeks pregnant with them so I shouldn’t really feel that you’re going to be any different.  But it does feel different; there are niggles and twinges now with you that I didn’t have with them.  I wish I knew.  My baby boy, do you know when you’re coming? Can you let me know? Maybe two kicks for this week, three kicks for after that…?!

Whenever it is, I can’t wait to love you outside my tummy even more than I do right now.  And that’s a lot.

Love Mama x

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23 thoughts on “Stay put my little one; not long now.

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  1. Beautiful. I do hope he stays put so you can have your home birth, that would be magical. If you do end up at James Cook, I’ll send you an ‘air’ high five as its my second home and I’ll probably be in there at some department or another!


  2. What a lovely post. Getting to 37 weeks is always such a reassuring feeling but I hope that you manage to have the home birth you’ve planned and that your little boy arrives save and well! #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. What a beautiful post. You have had it rough lovely but I’m crossing everything that you get your lovely home birth and can be together as a family so quickly. Can’t wait to hear and loads of luck xx #twinklytuesday

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    1. Thanks lovely. Just a day and a half until the midwives are put on call for me so not long to cross my legs! Just watch now, he’ll end up being a week late! X


  4. This is lovely, the times I have heard a woman say oh I wish they would hurry up and come and they haven’t reached 36weeks, I think to myself keep them in as long as possible. A premature baby is hard work. When ours was born at 29weeks we had to travel an hour and a half just to see her. I had an unexpected homebirth with my second and I would choose to have one again. it was fab and lovely to be in your own bed with your other children around. I hope you get your home birth, best of luck x #TwinklyTuesday

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  5. Ahh what a lovely post. I am still 10 weeks away from due date and firmly telling baby to stay put. My friend just gave birth a couple of days ago 5 weeks early. So scary – I think I’d rather go overdue by 2 weeks! Hope little one is staying put so you get your home birth! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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