Let me introduce you to my son.

Being pretty rubbish at regularly blogging when I was pregnant, I should have guessed that it would take me seven weeks to introduce my baby to you.  If you don’t follow me on Instagram or my facebook page (in which case it’ll be old news to you), let me introduce my baby boy.

Meet Theo.

Theo James. Theodopolopolis.  TJ.  T-Dog.  Yes his daddy does actually call him T-dog.



IMG_2079 - Copy

Theo is seven weeks old today so not quite the teeny tiny newborn baby I expected to be holding in my arms as I sat down to write my first blog post as a momma of three.

There’s a fab community of bloggers that support each other, and a lot of them are mommas of little ones.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; to those mommas who manage to keep blogging through these huge life changes and churn out posts pretty much from the delivery room:

I salute you. Looking radiant in your plush pjs as you’re photographed cradling your beautifully wrinkled infant.  Happily playing host to a houseful of family and friends in your immaculate home.  Genuinely, I don’t know how you do it.  I’m just not in your league and doubt I ever will be.  But that’s ok with me, we all have our own can-do’s and can’t do’s, likes and dislikes.  It’s what makes us all wonderfully different.  It’s what makes the world go round.  My mam always said “If everyone all liked jam there wouldn’t be enough to go around”… Not sure why, of all things under this sun, jam was used in the analogy but who am I to question that?  And really, if everyone liked jam, surely more people would make it, right?  Sorry mam, I see flaws in your words of wisdom.  I get the point though.  Being different is a good thing.  Having the ability to nail some hurdles  and falling flat on your face at others is a good thing.  It’s what makes you you.

There was no chance I’d have been able to put my fingers to the keyboard before now.  These past seven weeks I’ve been way too consumed with mind numbing exhaustion and trying not to walk around like John Wayne.

I don’t want this post to blather on about everything that’s happened and gone through my mind since Theo was born.  All in good time.

I just needed to write… something. Something to get me going again.  Something to let you all know that he’s here.  And we’re all good.  And he’s very very loved.



I’ll be back soon with Theo’s birth story; how it wasn’t the experience I planned or hoped for, how we came through it and how it changed me as a mother.  But now; now I need to go and cuddle my baby boy and smell his hair for the gazillionth time.

Mrs C x


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10 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to my son.

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  1. That photo of T-dog (amazing nickname by the way) is perfection. I love his expression and he looks so handsome and gorgeous. I’m like you. I batten down the hatches and just get through the times of exhaustion. Not a chance I could log throughout or put make up on for photos. I can barely be bothered most days!

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  2. I’ve followed you on Insta. He is absolutely beautiful so massive congrats again! Glad you are all coping and he is doing well and growing! I don’t know how I will blog with number 2 either…hard work! Unless it’s during the night! Good to have you back and thanks for sharing with #bestandworstvxz

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  3. Oh I’d be totally like you – those first few weeks with a new baby pass by in a total haze! I was not coherent enought to write a text, never mind a blog post! But congratulations on your new little one and I’m glad that he’s thriving #BrillBlogPosts

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  4. Oh, he is absolutely gorgeous. I’m afraid I have blanked out weeks 6-13 with NC as they were so awful but I do remember the hair smell. What a beautiful boy – many congratulations. #bestandworst


  5. I love his jammas!. I’m much like you, although in the 4 weeks since my little guy was born I think I have managed two posts. I have a ‘must write’ list that has been updated but that’s about it. Take the time to enjoy the moments. We don’t get them back. #brillblogposts


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