My day. In numbers. 

0… The number of naps I had.

1…The number of photos I sent my husband of the new pushchair I assembled ALL BY MYSELF. Like a boss. I only had to redo it twice because I ignored the instruction manuals. Winning. 

2… The number of people who knocked at my door and I had to stick my head out the window and ask them to come around to the back door because I’ve lost my keys. Not winning.

3… The number of Naughty words I muttered behind gritted teeth when I closed the fridge door with my hand still in it.

4… The number of times I checked my phone in the space of five minutes to see if my husband had a) seen the photo I sent him and b) replied in awestruck wonder of my super-mama capabilities.

5… The number times the baby made himself cry because he hit himself in the face.

50… The number of times the baby made me (nearly) cry because he head butted me.

Happy Friday everyone!

Mrs C x


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