2017: A year of hygge.

I'm jumping on this here bandwagon and I'm not even a little bit sorry. Hygge. One of the buzz words of the moment and a term that recently went viral online (over 1.5 million tags on Insta).  It seems that the world can't get enough of this Danish gem of a word and I'm not... Continue Reading →


What’s the secret?

Ok, so the baby is twenty weeks old today.  Four and a half months.  At what point is it completely unacceptable to still count your baby in weeks?  I reckon if a mama told me her baby was, say, 27 weeks old, I'd not hear the next bit of the conversation because I'd still be... Continue Reading →

Why I write what I write.

It always making me feel all warm and fuzzy when people tell me they enjoy reading what I write.  Sometimes I'm even caught off guard because I forget that I put my words out there.  That there's someone else at the other end of things, reading those words.  A couple of times these compliments have... Continue Reading →

Sabotage: The swimming lesson.

The local swimming pool.  Where every parent's sense of peace and tranquility goes to die.  Yes, I know.  Children need to learn to swim.  Health, fitness, survival if they fell into a raging river, yadda yadda yadda.  But still.  The place is not far off Hades if you ask me. If truth be known, getting... Continue Reading →


My day. In numbers.  0... The number of naps I had. 1...The number of photos I sent my husband of the new pushchair I assembled ALL BY MYSELF. Like a boss. I only had to redo it twice because I ignored the instruction manuals. Winning.  2... The number of people who knocked at my door... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Babydom: A new day.

It's a new a dawn And a new day And a new life for me And I'm feeling good I did warn you in the last post that the first lesson in babydom was very... Michael Buble.  I know, I know. It's Nina Simone really, but can we just take a moment to appreciate Michael's sweet crooning voice...? Ok,... Continue Reading →

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