5 ways I can become a less ridiculous mother.

Mum-guilt is a right one isn't it?  You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.  I'm no stranger to it.  In fact I'm pretty sure the default setting on my mum-guilt switch is permentantly set to constant. The lovely blogger and vlogger Jules Furness talked about this recently and suggested that if a... Continue Reading →


2017: A year of hygge.

I'm jumping on this here bandwagon and I'm not even a little bit sorry. Hygge. One of the buzz words of the moment and a term that recently went viral online (over 1.5 million tags on Insta).  It seems that the world can't get enough of this Danish gem of a word and I'm not... Continue Reading →

What’s the secret?

Ok, so the baby is twenty weeks old today.  Four and a half months.  At what point is it completely unacceptable to still count your baby in weeks?  I reckon if a mama told me her baby was, say, 27 weeks old, I'd not hear the next bit of the conversation because I'd still be... Continue Reading →

Why I write what I write.

It always making me feel all warm and fuzzy when people tell me they enjoy reading what I write.  Sometimes I'm even caught off guard because I forget that I put my words out there.  That there's someone else at the other end of things, reading those words.  A couple of times these compliments have... Continue Reading →

Sabotage: The swimming lesson.

The local swimming pool.  Where every parent's sense of peace and tranquility goes to die.  Yes, I know.  Children need to learn to swim.  Health, fitness, survival if they fell into a raging river, yadda yadda yadda.  But still.  The place is not far off Hades if you ask me. If truth be known, getting... Continue Reading →


My day. In numbers.  0... The number of naps I had. 1...The number of photos I sent my husband of the new pushchair I assembled ALL BY MYSELF. Like a boss. I only had to redo it twice because I ignored the instruction manuals. Winning.  2... The number of people who knocked at my door... Continue Reading →

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