Loving Yorkshire

Writing reviews is not really my forte.  I’m no literary genius; I’m an informal blogger who (or whom!) writes as she thinks.  If truth be known I’m afraid that people would find review posts incredibly dull because you can’t really squeeze much wit into the features of a family attraction or the menu of a country pub.  So I’ve put it off.  Until now.  I’m biting the bullet and embarking on a series called Loving Yorkshire.  That name is a bit naff.  I might change it.  I’m very much in love with the County I now call my home, particularly the Dales.  And so I want to show it off like a mother would her child when Mensa comes knocking.  I guess I want you to fall in love with the place too.  It’s without a doubt a jewel of the UK.  I know that if I’m heading to an area that I’m unfamiliar with I really appreciate a heads up on where to go and things to do.  You don’t want to waste your hard earned cash on a disappointing meal or a naff day out.  Or even worse, a dive of a hotel/B&B.  So I hope this does just that – gives a head up to you lovely readers who don’t live in these parts, to places we have found and love in and around North Yorkshire.  I’ll be writing these reviews in my own way, so they won’t be the formal reviews you might be used to.  I hope that’s ok.  Enjoy.



Places to eat

Places to visit

Hesketh Farm, Skipton

Places to Shop!


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